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Our Engineering department is made up of several hardware, software, and research teams. We are building a 2-3 person DevOps team to support and extend our existing build and continuous integration infrastructure.


– Proactively identify opportunities for automation to improve the quality of engineering outputs.
– Ensure the security of engineering systems and services.
– Maintain and extend existing CI/CD systems.
– Deploy new systems and tools that improve the efficiency of our engineering teams.
– Support engineers in maintaining their integrations with DevOps infrastructure.
– Liaise with IT.


This role requires you to be self-motivated and to complete work independently while also collaborating with your team and stakeholders.

Most importantly you will need to be able to learn new technologies, however familiarity with some of the following will be an advantage in working with our existing systems

– Scripting in PowerShell and Bash, as well as more sophisticated languages such as Python or Ruby.
– Administration of GitLab, GitHub and Jenkins.
– Administration of Microsoft Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux systems.
– Build tools for Microsoft Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux systems, and Android systems.
– Virtualisation, including Docker, Vagrant, vSphere, VirtualBox and Parallels.
– Orchestration and provisioning, including Terraform, Ansible, and Packer.
– Cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean.

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About Ultraleap

Ultraleap was formed when Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion came together in May 2019. We’ve brought together the world’s most powerful 3D hand tracking with the only haptic technology able to create the sensation of touch in mid-air. Applications include automotive, digital out-of-home, location-based entertainment, AR/VR, gaming, computing, consumer electronics, and health. We have a team of over 150 spread across the world, with locations in Silicon Valley and Bristol, UK.

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Permanent | Full-Time
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Research & Development

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Team Lead, Tools

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November 13, 2019
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Position: DevOps

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