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Ultraleap’s strong IP portfolio includes over 300 patents in hand tracking and mid-air haptics. We are market leaders in the natural user interface technologies that will define the next decade.
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Ultrahaptics is a ground-breaking virtual touch technology. Patented algorithms control ultrasound waves to create the sensation of touch in mid-air. No controllers or wearables are needed – ultrasonic speakers project programmable tactile sensations directly onto a user’s hands.

Leap Motion


Leap Motion is the world’s most powerful 3D hand tracking solution. Powered by machine learning and world-leading computer vision technology, Leap Motion is built on ten years and four generations of innovative software.

Leap Motion VR hands

The power of natural interaction.

Shaped to your needs.


Hardware & software

Groundbreaking hand tracking and virtual touch hardware, SDKs/APIs and detailed documentation.

Use-case development

Exploration, development and testing of use-cases for your application.


3D interaction design

Access to our in-house UX expertise in the unique challenges and opportunities of spatial interaction.

Custom integration support

Support from our engineering team in practical integration and custom hardware design.

“Driver safety is paramount as cars become more connected. The ability to track the user’s hand and give feedback for gesture commands reduces the mental load for infotainment controls, helping drivers to remain safe on the road.”

Stefan Marti, Vice President of Future Experience, HARMAN

You’ll be in good company

We’re already working with worldwide partners from many different industries, including leading product companies, agencies and software firms.
The Unreal Garden

Multiplayer mixed reality | Haptics & The Unreal Garden

How AR creators used hand tracking and virtual touch to create a unique multiplayer, immersive game.

Man with VR headset on | Vivid Vision

Vivid Vision: Curing Lazy Eye with VR & Leap Motion

VR and hand tracking are transforming treatment for some types of vision problems.

Arrow Electronics at CES 2019

How Arrow boosted brand engagement at CES

Fortune 500 company Arrow used Ultraleap’s solutions to bring their brand story to life at CES 2019.

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